EARs has come to my rescue twice. In both cases, upon meeting with an accident, I alerted EARs immediately and was given very clear advice on how to handle the situation in a calm and effective manner. The advice was extremely useful in an intense & anxious situation! I was later brought to the recommended panel workshop, & had my car professionally fixed at a reasonable price compared to the market rate. Thank you EARs, for truly being all EARs!
– Victoria Ong, Ad Sales & Partnerships Executive

I was involved in a bad accident awhile back to the point that I was injured. After the impact, there were a lot of tow trucks that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and they were harassing me while I was in pain and bleeding. Undeterred by their harassment, I alerted EARs and waited for my parents (emergency contacts) to come and pick me up. The help from EARs arrived first and they took care of everything. I didn’t even have to worry about my car even when I was in the hospital awaiting treatment. Thank you EARs!
– Alvin Keng, Videographer