Mobile app marketing strategy

Mobile app marketing is very important for your business. Advertising your business so that more users would download your app is a strategy that many business owners fail to plan. People are very much invested in mobile apps nowadays because of the numerous advantages it brings. The first
step to best advertise your mobile app is to build an efficient mobile app marketing strategy that suits your app the best so that it would bring maximum acknowledgement to your mobile app.

Through building the strategy, not only can you boost the awareness of your mobile app but also keep the users using your app engaged so that when they do download your app, they will use it instead of abandoning it. This article would discuss two key points in developing the best mobile-app strategy for your mobile app.

1 – App store should not be the main focus
Many marketers assume that users head to the main app store to find new apps. For example, people who use Android would only go to Android’s app store to find all the apps they want. This is not true. It is undeniable that a lot of people do head to the app store. A research done by confirms that 40% of the smartphone users do use the app store to browse for apps. It is the most common and popular way to find apps, new or old in the numerous categories available. This may be the case for many but it’s not all. People can also find apps in different methods while using their phone. For example, while watching Youtube, someone may discover a new app through the short advertisement or through the comments. They can also find apps while surfing a mobile website or the internet browser. Many find apps through searching for it. For example, a person who goes travelling may be looking for cheap places to stay and when they search for cheap rooms, they find mobile apps that offer the desired service. Thus, they would download the mobile app they have found and use it to their needs. If they are a frequent traveler, they would use that specific mobile app to help find for cheap places to stay at.

2 – Make your app discoverable everywhere
As mentioned above, people don’t just discover apps through the app store. Thus, it is important that your app should be discoverable everywhere, including the search function. Search ads is found to be one of the most effective ad formats that encourages people to download the app. Marketers
should understand how consumers are more prone to download apps through viewing a search ad and apply this knowledge to their marketing strategy related to their app. It can help in boosting app awareness because search ads not just increase the app visibility but also encourage app downloads through being visible while users are actively searching for apps. This would make your app stand out amongst others and this is important because with more than 3 million apps on the app store,
the only way to get noticed is by standing out amongst the rest. You can focus your promotion by using consumer experience designed for downloads. It would be able to expand the range of audience that would possibly download your app. This can definitely increase the chance of users to discover your app.

These two key points can be very important to the development of your marketing strategy. However, if your business does not have a mobile app at the moment and you are looking for the best mobile app developer, you can visit DZOO. You can get to know more here on mobile app agency in Malaysia.

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