Enterprise Broadband and Fiber Optic Network Services

It is advisable to define whether the internet service is for home or business use. If movies will be downloaded or there are gamers among the family members. Upload speed is very important for gamer’s users, as they upload a lot of content to the internet when playing online.

Technical conditions

Quintana explains that there are several internet services: cable, air, fiber optics and dial-up (by phone). Each one has certain characteristics, such as higher or lower browsing speed.

Dial-up. It is much cheaper, but slower. Also, you need to have a good phone line.

Via air. It is not so recommended due to data loss.

Cable. It is much faster and more reliable than the other two. The disadvantage use to be that cable internet providers use to offer a clear bandwidth (3 megabytes, 6 megabytes, etc.), but it is not one to one, it will not be available when the client wants those three megabytes because, generally, it is shared with the closest neighbour. For example, when three people use the same communication channel, the three or six megabytes that were hired will not be available, the one that arrives first will go faster and the other two users will have slower navigation.

Optical fiber. It is ideal because it is faster and safer. The bandwidth is also shared here, but the physical communication channel is much faster and that is why 3 to 1 is hardly felt.

If it’s for fun like watching movies at home, Quintana would choose fiber optics because the cut-off levels are lower.

In a Unifi 800mbps package fiber optics would also be preferred, especially if it depends on the internet 90%, such as, for example, if it requires a connection to a branch because its computer systems are connected to a matrix. In such cases, it is necessary for the provider to provide you with a secure backup, in addition to speed. That means having a backup so that when something happens with that link without megabytes, the second backup will automatically start. You are going to have to learn about this so that you can start your own blog.

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