Diving—An Unmatched Passion

Curiosity is a distinct quality of men. Had there been not this distinguished quality that essentially differentiates men from other animals, the world would not be the way it is today. Vistas of nature, lush green valleys, mountains as high as Himalaya and oceans as deep as Mariana trench have all some message, some food for human thought and some hidden wonder of nature to be unearthed. In fact, this is this very spirit of spirit of learning, unearthing the secretes of nature that has given new colours to the world and therefore the world has transformed from its pristine forms to the one that we see it in. The love for nature and the love for unearthing the secretes of nature have been wondrous so far. There had been sages in the travel history of world who had quenched their thirst for exploring the world even on foot and had travelled long distances to see as to what was beyond their known boundaries. The sea voyagers get the credit of discovering the world’s various continents through journeys in the vast oceans across the globe. Their names still remain alive in the bright corridors of history. 

Having discovered the surface of the world, its beauties, its challenges and its infinite resources, the human curiosity has led men in the depths of the oceans. Diving in the depths of oceans has become a new passion for men. There are people who dive in the oceans for scientific research purposes and there are others who dive only to quench their thirst for viewing the wonders of nature. Since Malaysia has a vast coastline, the passion of diving has also emerged as an industry in country and vast majority of people turn up every year to learn this art of diving deep into the sea and exploring the unknown wonders in the aquatic world. There are hundreds of best diving locations in Malaysia and many licensed scuba diving malaysia training institutes who train the newbies in the field. They also offer diving packages and take you deep into the depths of the Malaysian seashores and show you how the nature has painted the depths of the oceans, what aquatic floral lay underneath the depths of sea and what marine life are struggling to keep their generations alive. There is no doubt that the human activity has disturbed much of the world’s biospheres and the natural environment of wild life, marine life and plants have been greatly disturbed. You can find the traces of this disturbance even beneath the water. Once you dive deep down in the Malaysian seashores, you would come out with an ambivalence of rich experiences and also an urge for stopping the unscrupulous human activity that has negative impact on the environment and ecosystems that nature has created to maintain a beautiful balance among various forms of life in the world. Having read this piece, your urge for scuba diving in Malaysia must have been reinvigorated.  

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