Corrugated Iron Has Many Advantages On A Large Number Of Buildings

The spacing of the purlins will be done according to the length of your corrugated sheets. The sheets are fastened from the bottom up, starting from the end of the roof. As a general rule, it is advisable to extend the sheet metal by about 20 cm from the end of the roof. Each sheet above must cover the one below by about twenty centimetres in order to gain waterproofing.

The sheets must be fastened with special screws or with lag bolts (minimum 6 per sheet). By respecting these indications you will carry out a fast and reliable installation of your roof. In addition to being easy to install, the corrugated sheets are waterproof (depending on the installation you have made). They are excellent means of covering buildings and properties such as a garage, a pergola, a workbench, a garden shed or a veranda at a lower cost.

The Different Sheets To Dress A Building Differently

Depending on the aesthetic rendering you want as well as your budget, several types of sheets are available to you.

The glass sheet will allow you to create a transparent roof and therefore illuminate the interior of your verandas, pergolas or greenhouses. It exists in single, double or triple glazing. This sheet can be expensive and does not retain heat, especially in single glazing. Also pay attention to its installation which is a little more delicate than the other types of sheet metal.

The PVC sheets are easier to install compared to their weight and their thicknesses. They offer good performance in terms of sealing and insulation.

The polycarbonate sheets are those which return the least expensive and are also very strong. There are two types: honeycomb polycarbonates (the most resistant and durable) and corrugated polycarbonates (very inexpensive but unsightly).

The steel sheets offer many dimensions and aspects (painted, tinted, galvanized …), but as the glass sheets, they are difficult to install because of their weight.

Possibility Of Insulating Its Corrugated Iron Roof

Just like a traditional tile or bumbung besi, corrugated iron can be insulated. You can achieve this insulation with wood or with expanding foam. The expansive foam conforms to the shapes of your sheet metal but its installation in the form of an aerosol is uneven (and therefore unsightly).

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