Birthday Celebration Ideas For Your Wife During The COVID-19 Lockdown

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Are you upset that you could not celebrate your wife’s birthday well because of the lockdown rule imposed by the government because of the rise in COVID-19 cases? Or are you worried that you might not plan a good celebration for your wife due to the lack of resources available? Do not worry. You can still plan a great day for your wife even if the both of you are locked at home. We are here to help you out with your plan by sharing with you some ideas on how you can plan a birthday celebration party that your wife will never forget. 

Video Calling Family And Friends

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Because of social distancing and lockdown rules, we are sure that you can never have a party at home with your family and friends to celebrate your wife’s day. Instead of fretting over that, maybe you can schedule a surprise video calling session with family members and your wife’s close friends and co-workers. They can wish and sing for her through the call while she cuts the cake in front of the camera. This will be a huge surprise for her since she will not be expecting that even during the lockdown period, she can still celebrate her birthday with her loved ones.

Dinner Date

dinner date

You can plan a surprise dinner date at home. You can set your dining table with your wife’s favourite dishes and desserts. You can make it a surprise for her by even cooking these dishes by yourself. To make the dinner date more realistic, both you and your wife can dress up for it in your fancy attire. You can play jazz music and set up candlelights on the table to provide a romantic birthday dinner date feeling for your wife. 

Surprise Gifts


Women love gifts, especially if they are a surprise. You can get the gifts delivered to your wife starting from a few days leading up to her birthday. It will make your wife feel more excited about her birthday. You can get certain shops or gift delivery services to send these surprise gifts to your wife. You can even browse through sex shop toy online Malaysia to get her some adult toys that you both could use to make her birthday celebration more interesting. Surprise gifts do not mean that you have to browse through the shops to buy them for your wife. You can even make something for your wife and we are sure that she will still appreciate it as much or more than the gifts you bought for her. If you are an artist, maybe you could draw something that reflects your relationship with your wife and gift it to you. She might treasure it as the best gift she has ever received. 

You do not need to worry about spending so much to celebrate your wife’s birthday at home. You could even get help from your family and friends to make her birthday celebration more fun and happening.

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